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Check the dates for the next steps of the evaluation process

From the first hours and over the nearly forty days that the call for the Fund for Civic Empowerment Organizations (FO) was open, the applications kept coming, reflecting both the diversity of problems affecting Latin America and the great challenges that social organizations face in confronting them.As bad news grew in the countries of the region, the number of applications was also growing. We received a total of 845 applications from 20 countries, a number that surprised and encouraged the entire Pulsante team, since each of the proposals received represented not only an urgent problem in the region but also a proposal from active, united citizens to resolve it, even in the face of a pandemic. This huge response was very motivating for Pulsante and left a huge responsibility in our hands.

Therefore, understanding the great commitment and challenge it is to select only 5 or 6 applications, the evaluation process will be carried out with the utmost care and professionalism as follows:

  • The proposals to be evaluated will be read by at least two to three persons in each of the evaluation phases.
  • All projects will be randomly assigned to evaluators to minimize flaws in the procedure.
  • All proposals will receive feedback by mail.

1st Step – May

The Pulsante team will perform the first review of applications, keeping in mind the four areas mentioned in the call and published on the web page.

2nd Step – From May to June

The Pulsante Steering Committee (comprised of Fundación Avina, OSF and Luminate) will discuss the proposals sent based on the same four criteria used in Step 1.

3rd Step – From June to July

Interviews will be held with preselected organizations, and the final decision will be made as to the proposals that will be supported.

Announcement of selected projects – July

We would like to share the list of the number of applications per country and thank each of the organizations that sent an application. Thank you for being part of an active, united population seeking better democracies in Latin America.

Countries Number
Argentina 81
Bolivia 26
Brazil 184
Chile 31
Colombia 182
Costa Rica 19
Cuba 1
Ecuador 28
El Salvador 15
Guatemala 28
Countries Number
Haiti 3
Honduras 8
Mexico 137
Nicaragua 3
Panama 5
Paraguay 9
Peru 26
Dominican Republic 7
Uruguay 19
Venezuela 33

Total: 845