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The process of evaluating the 845 applications to the Fund for Civil Empowerment Organizations was an enriching experience for the entire Pulsante team and its Steering Committee. While reading application after application, it was very motivating to understand, see and feel a vibrant Latin America, full of active citizens seeking solutions to the challenges faced by democracies in our region. 

It was not an easy decision. With so much creativity and so many ideas and approaches, the team had evaluate, re-read, re-evaluate and review the proposals a second or third time or more.  Over 300 e-mails with questions about the Fund were personally answered, and the opinions of local experts were taken into consideration. Pulsante followed a meticulous evaluation process, so each of the applications received was reviewed with care and professionalism. This took us longer, which is why this announcement is coming today.

So many organized citizens working towards participation, involvement of excluded voices and improvement in the quality of democracies generate a lot of empathy and desire to do more. After the complete evaluation process, the Steering Committee decided to support seven organizations.

The seven organizations selected have great potential to set off processes of change in their countries, give voice to groups excluded from the decision-making process, and their projects promise to enhance their impact as an organization and strengthen their abilities. The time has come to rebuild our democracies from a place of collaborative understanding focused on respecting the rights of everyone.

The organizations selected for the Fund for Civic Empowerment Organizations are:

1) Brazil, Associação Elas no Poder.
Project: Im.pulsa TODAS [Encourage ALL WOMEN].

2) Peru, Ashanti Perú.
Project: Empoderamiento cívico-ciudadano de jóvenes afroperuanos [Civic-Citizen Empowerment of Young Afro-Peruvians].

3) Guatemala, Asociación Somos.
Project: Participación LGBTIQ+ en procesos de toma de decisión a nivel local [LGBTIQ+ Participation in Local Decision-Making Processes].

4) Mexico, Cohesión Comunitaria e Innovación Social A.C.
Project: #QueSepanQueSabemos exigir nuestros derechos en las decisiones de nuestros territorios [#TheyKnowWeKnow how to demand our rights in the decisions of our territories].

5) Colombia, Corporación de Profesionales Construyendo ciudadanía.
Project: Poder Juvenil: Pacto Nacional de Juventudes [Youth Power: National Youth Pact].

6) Brazil, Legisla Brasil.
Project: O2: Oxigenando al legislativo [Oxygenating the Legislature].

7) Guatemala, Visibles.
Project: De la opresión a la inclusión interseccional LGBTIQ+ [From Oppression to Intersectional LGBTIQ+ Inclusion]

Congratulations! The Pulsante team is very excited to start this journey with you!

Pulsante will soon provide each of the organizations that will be supported with more details about the projects they will implement.

Thank you to all the organizations that applied. Not only did you move and inspire the whole Pulsante team, but this process also helped us gain a more in-depth understanding of the needs of the region. What we learned will be a basis for the next Fund for Social Movements.

Stay tuned for updates!