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From 2019 to 2021, Latin America was characterized by a multitude of movements and protests in various countries of the region, such as Chile, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala, among others. Citizens organized themselves in times of upheaval and instability, revealing the limitations and structural problems of the State and the democratic model.

In a drastic way, crises show that radical change is needed for positive transformation of politics, economics, society or culture. In some cases, times of deep crisis have proven to be an opportunity to create alternative forms of social action. In this way, social movements can use the innovation spaces that open up in times of uncertainty.

Citizen involvement at different levels and in different processes in a digital and/or physical setting can help make political participation in Latin America more accessible and open. Pulsante believes that new democratic models are possible through coordination between different parties, and social changes emerge collectively.

Against this backdrop, Pulsante is launching the Support for Social Movements, which will work closely and actively with movements already existing in the region. The Support will be focused on supporting social movements with proven capacity for mobilization and advocacy.

Pulsante will support social movements that have experience and prior work promoting democratic changes.

  • Movements with a mission of improving and expanding social and political mobilization in areas such as: feminism, political representation of minorities, defense of the territory, and defense of rights of vulnerable groups.
  • Movements that represent the voices of communities traditionally excluded and underrepresented in democratic and decision-making processes.
  • Movements that make decisions based on collective and representative processes with their members.

Without holding an open call, Pulsante will identify and directly contact social movements to offer technical and financial support. Non-financial technical support will be focused on strengthening the social movement, in terms of identified needs such as communication for advocacy, self-care protocols (physical, emotional and digital), political advocacy strategies, etc.

The collective action of groups and organizations represents a powerful response from citizens to demand the changes necessary in our societies to strengthen democracies in the region and, consequently, improve living conditions for millions of people. Pulsante seeks to support that transformation.