Pulsante seeks to protect and expand civic space to ensure that all citizens can participate in the decisions that impact their lives, and to improve democracy in Latin America.

To achieve this objective, 3 million dollars will be invested in the region between 2020 and 2023 to:

Promote collective and inclusive participation.

Escalate and experiment with innovative democratic practices (online and offline).

Strengthen the capacity of groups, organizations and movements.

This initiative is the result of an alliance between Luminate, Open Society Foundations (OSF) and Avina Foundation, and the pooling of their complementary experience working on citizen empowerment and the expansion of the civic space in Latin America.

Luminate and Avina Foundation hold shared experience through the Alliance for Civic Technology (ALTEC), which, since 2012, has supported over 50 projects in 14 countries in Latin America aimed at improving mobilization and collective action with the capacity to build more equal, open and inclusive societies.

Meanwhile, OSF and Avina Foundation have also developed common expertise. Between 2017 and 2019, they worked in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia on more than 10 projects related to civic and political empowerment, citizen inclusion in decision-making spaces and public policy design and implementation.


We work in accordance with the mission to accompany, expand and consolidate groups, organizations and social movements that develop innovative practices involving online and offline collective action. This action, in turn, contributes to the formation of conditions that expand civic space and influence power relations, thus strengthening democracy in Latin America.

Axis 1)

An active citizenry

We encourage the organized participation of people as a means to intervene, change and influence their shared political and social environment. This participation makes it possible to transform power relations, expand spaces for collective work and construct public agendas that truly reflect the needs and interests of a diverse citizenry.

Through an active citizenry, we seek to exercise and guarantee

a) Civil liberties, including access to information, freedom of association and protection for activists, journalists and information filters.
b) Innovative technology, for social mobilizations and campaigns for the protection of human rights.
c) Citizen engagement through institutionalized participation mechanisms, citizen-led initiatives and the inclusion of marginalized groups.

Axis 2)

Upscaling digital and democratic innovations

We facilitate the construction of mechanisms and actions that allow citizens to become involved in collective decisions that affect the protection of their rights, as well as the quality of the public services they need, and that foster the accountability of their governments.

We bet on comprehensive strategies that combine digital innovations with offline mobilizations, that create a powerful environment to improve structures and processes that allow more active and direct participation of citizens in public affairs.