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Construction of citizen agendas for new democratic mandates

Brazil and Colombia

Movement selected by the
Support for Social Movements

Movement for the women’s political participation in Latin America


The organizations and collectives involved in this movement seek to create bridges between different groups of women ⎯such as women from the peripheries, Afro-descendants or indigenous women⎯ to promote their participation in politics in Brazil and Colombia.


To ensure a representative democratic future in the region, it is essential to mobilize public debate and establish a political agenda led by political minorities. The representativeness of women, particularly Afro-descendants and indigenous women, is necessary to understand the adversities they go through, as well as the strategies they apply to face the challenges.

Negative consequences that not addressing this issue can bring:

  • That the interests of a group historically less represented in politics, such as women, Afro-descendant and indigenous women, remain off the political agenda.;
  • That the safety of those involved is not guaranteed and that political violence against women increases, particularly against African descent women, due to the serious situation of racism and sexism that exists in the region.

Movement action path

  • Meetings, training sessions and the design of collective audiovisual materials are held to facilitate spaces for dialogue and the exchange of political, cultural and ethnic perspectives that articulate alliances among women’s groups;
  • Positioning narratives about the value and importance of diverse women accessing spaces of power and decision-making.

Route of action of each organization that integrates the movement

  1. Network that articulates diverse groups and people involved in the movement;
  2. Design of communication materials to impact opinion on the importance of the role of populations that have traditionally been excluded in the democratic process;
  3. Agenda proposal with a territorial approach that responds to the problems of different territories of the countries.

Action plan

  • Record, systematize and implement learning methodologies during the project process to strengthen the leadership of the organizations involved;
  • Creation of a pilot laboratory for public policies for women;
  • Promote the integration and discussion of the different groups at the local and regional level;
  • Strengthening a general narrative about the importance of black and indigenous women in politics;
  • Women’s political participation in equal conditions.