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Vindication of Afro-descendant identity in Latin America

Brazil, Mexico, Peru

Movement selected by the
Support for Social Movements

Visibility of the fight against racism in Latin America and of the African people descent realities


The movement seeks to position agendas that guarantee respect for Afro-descendants people who fight for their rights and freedoms.


Racist practices are an obstacle in the culture of equal treatment. Recognizing the cultural diversity of a country is a cornerstone that supports respect between people and the society democratic development. For this reason, the visibility and positioning of content produced by Afro-descendant women adds recognition and integration to a sector of the population historically neglected in different countries of the region.

Negative consequences that not addressing this issue can bring:

  • That the demands for the women’s rights be perceived in a centralized manner and that Afro-descendant women be left aside;
  • The lack of awareness about the racism problem in Latin America;
  • The invisibility of Afro-descendants people who fight for their rights and the lack of attention to racist structural violence.

Action path

It seeks to broaden the discussion on violence and structural racism from the diversity of perspectives and approaches.

  • Production and positioning of anti-racism narratives and equal access to rights;
  • Expanding the conversation on structural violence from the perspective of women and Afro-descendant communities in the region;
  • Creation of a regional network that promotes the discussion of the political and social Afro-descendants people representation in Latin America.

Action plan

  • Afro-descendant women as key references in the fight against gender violence and respect for women’s rights;
  • Increase the visibility of the problems that racism brings and its connection with inequality;
  • Counter narratives regarding the visibility and recognition of the value of the cultural, political and social heritage of Afro-descendant communities in Latin America.