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Training and mobilization campaign against institutional gender-based violence exercised by authorities against women and feminist groups


Del 25N al 8M (From November 25 to March 8) is a training, mobilization, information and communication campaign against institutional gender-based violence, that is, against what the authorities do and do not do that affects the right of women to a life free of violence.

Project duration
6 months
Participating organizations
• Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud A.C.
• Cohesión Comunitaria e Innovación Social A.C.
• Luchadoras

And independent feminists:

• Irasema Fernández
• Daniela Nicolini
• Paulina Sánchez y Madrid

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Feminist movements impact all areas. Their vitality and intersectionality confront and question those who occupy and maintain power structures. In Mexico, federal and local authorities exercise institutional violence, stigmatizing and criminalizing feminist protests, and deploying police institutions that commit sexual crimes against them.

In August 2019, the #NoMeCuidanMeViolan [They Don’t Protect Me, They Rape Me] protests arose from police sexual violence. In 2020, the 8M movement brought together tens of thousands of women and the 9M brought industries to a halt. These mobilizations continue, despite and because of the pandemic. Faced with the demand of thousands of women in Mexico for a life free of violence, the authorities have responded with institutional violence and reduced the civic space in which these women can demand their rights: November 25, 2020 to March 8, 2021 is a key period for the feminist movement. This campaign seeks to raise awareness of the problem and look for forums for discussion to develop joint solutions and propose training materials for members of security forces.

Action plan

  • Training process for feminists, organizations and groups about institutional gender-based violence in the context of feminist protests.
  • Creation of communication materials about institutional gender-based violence in the context of feminist protests.
  • Development of a model guide on how to act before, during and after protests for feminists.
  • Demand made to Secretariats of security, public prosecutors, comptrollers and judicial authorities related to the prevention, attention, investigation, sanction and reparation of damages for sexual crimes committed by members of police institutions.
  • Demand made to federal, state and municipal authorities that they observe unyielding measures and principles to not exercise institutional gender-based violence in the context of the 2021 8M.

Expected results

  • Reduction of institutional sexual and gender-based violence against women in the context of feminist protests
  • Acceptance and recognition of the contribution of feminists and defenders of human rights
  • Fulfillment of the Mexican State’s obligation to respect, promote, protect and guarantee the right of women to a life free of violence
  • Demand and dialogue with government institutions to ensure that we women can have a life free of violence
  • Reduction in violations of the human rights of women involved in feminist protests (arbitrary detentions, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape, forced disappearance, injuries, attempted femicide, etc.)
  • Denaturalization of institutional violence against women
  • Impact on public opinion to raise awareness of the violence against women carried out by members of the population and the authorities themselves
  • Exercise of the right to protest, association, organization, manifestation and free expression of ideas
  • Contribution to the preservation and expansion of a favorable and enabling environment for the exercise of rights by women
  • Occupation of the public arena by the population, and in particular women, and withdrawal from it by police institutions
  • Social recognition of the different types of violence faced by women due to their gender

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