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Call CLOSED on April 30, 2021

Check the dates of the evaluation process

Selection criteria


Applications will be evaluated based on four areas:

1) Organization– 30%
Significance and ability of the organization to strengthen the ecosystem of democratic innovation in its country and/or the region.

2) Consistency of the proposal – 30%
This proposal should be connected to a specific project that enhances the organization’s impact and strengthens its abilities.

3) Focus on gender and inclusion – 25%

4) Alignment of the organization with Pulsante’s objectives – 15%
(Expanding the civic space – Representing the voice of underrepresented and/or vulnerable sectors in the region – Potential to strengthen the ecosystem [national and regional] and to work with other partners).

Characteristics of the Fund

  • A single call for applications will be opened, which will select between 5 and 6 organizations with their respective projects.
  • Resources from 80,000 to 120,000 dollars may be requested.
  • Organizations selected may also request technical support on issues such as communication, political advocacy, gender focus and digital safety, among others.
  • The support will last between 18 and 24 months.

What organizations can apply?

  • Legally established organizations.
  • Organizations based in Latin America.
  • Organizations that work to expand the civic space, from an online and/or offline perspective.
  • Organizations that work on the inclusion of voices that are traditionally excluded.
  • Organizations that may be institutionally strengthened with non-financial support, and that may have the ability and/or potential to strengthen the civic ecosystem in their countries and/or region.

Evaluation process

Stage 1
The Pulsante team will perform the first review of applications, keeping in mind the four areas mentioned above. This first process will result in a final list of applications selected, which will be sent to the Pulsante Steering Committee (PSC).

Stage 2
The PSC will discuss the proposals from the list based on 3 criteria:
• Relevance to the region.
• Potential impact.
• Abilities and significance of the organization for strengthening the civic space and its impact on the ecosystem.

Stage 3
Interviews will be held with organizations preselected by the PSC and adjustments will be made to their proposals, and the final decision will be made as to the proposals that will be supported.

Documents and notifications
• Additional institutional information will only be requested from proposals that reach the third stage of the selection process.
• Those selected and not selected will be notified of the status of their application via e-mail from Pulsante.

Frequently Asked Questions here

1. What sort of proposals is the Fund looking for?
Proposals will be received from all of Latin America through an open call process. 

For example, applications that carry out advocacy actions and collective action with the use of online and/or offline tools, with the objective of:

  • Amplifying voices historically underrepresented in democratic and electoral processes in Latin America.
  • Improving transparency, citizen participation and collective action in other strategic issues of the region.
  • Developing advocacy strategies that have the ability to protect and expand freedom of expression and freedom of information.

2. Can a single organization apply? Are applications from coalitions of organizations accepted?
Both options are accepted. A single organization can apply, as can coalitions/groups of organizations.

3. Can I apply as a grantee of Pulsante or its member organizations?
Since the idea is to support organizations that work on civic empowerment in the region, this is something that will be evaluated by the committee.

4. How does Pulsante define civic empowerment?
The ability of citizens to be active and involved social actors, with the ability to organize and be organized. It is organization that turns people into social actors, into citizens. Organization is an essential tool for achieving social, political, economic and cultural inclusion. To be a citizen is to be included.

5. What is a civic empowerment organization?
An organization that works to strengthen and expand the space for interaction that allows people to organize as active citizens, through free participation and communication, and in doing so, advocate within the political and social structures in their environment.

6. From which countries can a project be submitted?
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela.

7. What cannot be included in the project budget?
Office renovations, purchase of electronic devices (except for a detailed justification in the action plan, and if the project is selected, approval by Pulsante’s team), purchase of vehicles, purchase of personal items, regranting to other organizations.

8. Will there be a second open call for the Fund for Civic Empowerment Organizations?
No, the current open call will be the only one and closes on April 30, 2021 (23:59 p.m. – Mexico City time).


For questions about the Fund for Civic Empowerment Organizations, contact