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Learn more about the projects covered by our 3 lines of support

Rapid Response Fund

Call CLOSED on December 10, 2020


01. Quero me ver no poder

Campaign against under-representation in the 2020 elections.

02. They don’t protect me

Training and mobilization campaign against institutional gender-based violence exercised by authorities against women and feminist groups.

03. For a democratic, informed, and participatory constituent process in Chile

Guarding a democratic, informed, and participatory constituent process where citizens are actively involved.

04. Who watches the watchers?

Awareness campaign to protect the right to protest and denounce police persecution in digital spaces.

05. Together and in the face of the global pandemic

Campaign to promote the political, social and economic empowerment of indigenous women in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Support for Organizations

Call CLOSED on April 30, 2021


01. Strengthening civic-citizen capabilities in young Afro-Peruvians

Strengthening and enhancing civic-citizen leadership, communication and participation capabilities in young Afro-Peruvians.

02. Participation of LGBTIQ+ persons in local decision-making processes

Strengthening the participation of LGBTIQ+ leadership in decision-making spaces at a municipal and community level.

03. Breathing Life into Brazilian Politics

Increasing access to opportunities in political teams, so that diverse talents—and the face of Brazil—can put their career path and skills at the service of Brazilian society.

04. Im.pulsa TODAS
Encourage ALL WOMEN

Im.pulsa TODAS is a project with the aim of developing and distributing, at no cost, content about electoral campaigns to all women who want to participate, focusing on women from minority groups, including marginalized women, indigenous women and Black women, among others.

05. Young people have their say in the 2022 presidential elections

The project aims to raise awareness and position the national youth agenda in Colombia’s 2022 presidential elections, as well as promote the youth vote and the inclusion of that agenda in the 2023-2026 National Development Plan.

06. Inclusivx Laboratory

LGBTIQ+ persons and other social groups that suffer discrimination and attaches also have the key to creating a more inclusive world. This project promotes the collective organization of ideas, narratives and forces to transform their reality.

07. #TheyKnowWeKnow to demand our rights in decisions in our territories

#QueSepanQueSabemos for those living in territories in Mexico to decide whether or not and how projects and megaprojects are carried out by governments and companies when they might affect their rights and their lands.

Support for Social Movements

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Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia

01.Diversity and gender equality

The movement seeks, on the one hand, to stop violence against women and change the narratives that criminalize protests. On the other hand, it promotes the guarantee, respect and strengthening of their rights and freedoms, as well as women’s access to decision-making spaces.
Brazil, Mexico, Peru

02. Vindication of Afro-descendant identity in Latin America

The movement seeks to position agendas that guarantee respect for Afro-descendants people who fight for their rights and freedoms.

03. Anti-militarization

The process led by a group of organizations, activists and academics, aims to generate alliances and amplify the vision to influence public opinion, the federal legislative power and the judiciary regarding the problems that the advance of militarization in Mexico...
Brazil and Colombia

04. Construction of citizen agendas for new democratic mandates

The organizations and collectives involved in this movement seek to create bridges between different groups of women ⎯such as women from the peripheries, Afro-descendants or indigenous women...