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Breathing Life into Brazilian Politics


Project supported by the
Fund for Organizations

Breathing Life into Brazilian Politics


Increasing access to opportunities in political teams, so that diverse talents—and the face of Brazil—can put their career path and skills at the service of Brazilian society.

Project duration
15 months


The Legislative Branch is the heart of our democracy: where decisions are made that govern the course of our society and where diversity must be represented.

We believe that to make our democracy more efficiency, we need the best professionals working in the Legislative Branch. And the best professionals need to reflect the diversity of society, to be able to transfer their interests to this institutional setting. 

Furthermore, the turbulent political context in Brazil has created the right environment for authoritarian movements to flourish. Maintaining the Legislative Branch is of concern, since there have been calls—even from elected politicians—to close our Congress, and, more recently, because the president has questioned the upcoming election cycle and the validity of previous elections. 

In addition to this context of institutional fragility, participation of societies in the political process was compromised during the pandemic and politicians were even more distant from normal citizens. In order words, the scenario shows that the checks and balances of Brazilian democracy are at risk.

Action path

We will articulate the existing collective intelligence in the different sectors and, in parallel, we will take advantage of the solutions and experience of Legisla Brasil to select a diverse group of talents, ensuring that they are inserted professionally into the Legislative Assembly and offering our support and partners to build a good career path in politics.

Action plan

  • Promotion of political career: showing professionals from different sectors and backgrounds that it is possible and rewarding to build a political career, through public selections and promotion campaigns reaching all regions of Brazil;
  • Having more diverse professionals working in the legislature: selecting, also with the involvement of associated organizations, a diverse, qualified group to work with advisors in parliamentary offices around the country;
  • Building effective political teams: encouraging parliamentarians to hire a diverse group of professionals so they can have more powerful mandates;
  • Promotion of peer support: connecting new organizations with mentors to help mitigate hostility in the environment and strengthen possibilities of professional growth.