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Youth Power: National Youth Agenda


Project supported by the
Fund for Organizations

Young people have their say in the 2022 presidential elections


The project aims to raise awareness and position the national youth agenda in Colombia’s 2022 presidential elections, as well as promote the youth vote and the inclusion of that agenda in the 2023-2026 National Development Plan.

Project duration
18 months


Young people in Colombia represent 26.1% de of the country’s total population (11.5 million); however, they are excluded from the national public investment agenda and seen as a problem and not as agents of change, key actors, proactive and co-responsible individuals, and protagonists in the development of the country and the region. As a result, the barriers to accessing their rights deepen and public policies prioritizing their interests and needs are not developed.

Action path

Through consultations and workshops with leaders, youth movements and significant groups of young people in different regions of the country, to construct a national youth agenda; moving the electoral debate from the capital of the country to historically excluded regions, and raising awareness of the importance of the youth vote through communication strategies led by youth communication groups and communication media.

Action plan

  • Democracy laboratories: 6 virtual discussion groups will be held with experts, influencers and youth leaders to promote debate and dialogue on the interests, concerns and proposals of young people in the face of the electoral process.
  • Round tables: 5 virtual round tables (one for each region), 9 in-person round tables in Cartagena, Medellín, Calí, Pasto, Bogotá, Cúcuta, Montería, Sincelejo and Guajira, and 1 national round table on the national youth agenda.
  • Pact with presidential candidates: A public signing event for the National Youth Agenda with candidates for the presidency of the Republic, at which they commit, if elected, to include the Agenda in the National Development Plan.
  • Youth vote: Construction of a media campaign that positions the youth vote and evaluation of government programs as regards the youth offering.
  • Discussion tables: Dialogue with president-elect and his/her cabinet to ensure the inclusion of the youth agenda in the National Development Plan.