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From Oppression to Intersectional LGBTIQ+ Inclusion


Project supported by the
Fund for Organizations


Inclusivx Laboratory


LGBTIQ+ persons and other social groups that suffer discrimination and attaches also have the key to creating a more inclusive world. This project promotes the collective organization of ideas, narratives and forces to transform their reality. 

Project duration
20 months


Having less democratic institutions affects the entire population, but especially women, LGBTIQ persons, indigenous peoples and other groups that face stigma and exclusion at all levels. Recognizing this problem is a good step, but the most important is recognizing the strength of bringing together each of our struggles to transform the system and allow each person to live with dignity.

Action path

The project will promote dialogue and organization of strategic actions among traditionally excluded groups that are victims of exclusionary institutions and discourses. We seek to agree on and plan different futures, as well as build lasting alliances to preserve and expand the LGBTIQ civil space in Guatemala.

Action plan

  • Capacity building for groups that face stigma and exclusion by means of a training program.
  • Spaces for political dialogue and development of agreements between sectors through organization meetings and exchange sessions.
  • Exchange processes on technical innovations for political advocacy, communications skills, models for design of solutions through a toolbox. 
  • Support and monitoring of social and collective organizations of LGBTIQ+ persons, women, youth and indigenous peoples.
  • Design of a joint road map
  • Establishment of a resource center for social movements