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LGBTIQ+ persons participating in local decision-making processes


Project supported by the
Fund for Organizations

Participation of LGBTIQ+ persons in local decision-making processes


Strengthening the participation of LGBTIQ+ leadership in decision-making spaces at a municipal and community level.

Project duration
18 months


This topic amplifies the voices of persons who historically have been less represented in local democratic and decision-making processes. Through the initiative, the specific needs and problems of the local places where LGBTIQ+ persons live will be made visible, making it possible to address and resolve these issues.

Action path

LGBTIQ+ leadership will be promoted in mechanisms of municipal and community participation, the exercise of rights and citizenship will be encouraged through monitoring of public policies, and a tool will be created for evaluation of public policies with a focus on sexual and gender diversity that contributes the foundation of inclusive public policies.

Action plan

Activities 1

  • Diagnosis of training needs
  • Creation of methodological tools and strategies
  • LGBTIQ+ training process


Activities 2

  • Mapping and analysis of local decisions
  • Advocacy
  • Local political dialogue and communication
  • Communication strategy
  • Community dialogues


Activities 3

  • Systematization of information for decision making
  • Mapping of local social protection networks
  • Visibility and analysis in the municipal reality


Activities 4

  • Evaluation of existing municipal public policies
  • Creation of an evaluation tool focused on sexual and gender diversity
  • Communication of findings of evaluations


Activities 5

  • Participation and advocacy in municipal technical discussions
  • Alliances with local leaders and decision-makers
  • Publications on social networks about conjunctural analysis based on human rights