Civic-Citizen Empowerment of Young Afro-Peruvians


Project supported by the
Fund for Organizations

Strengthening civic-citizen capabilities in young Afro-Peruvians


Strengthening and enhancing civic-citizen leadership, communication and participation capabilities in young Afro-Peruvians.

Project duration
18 months


In Peru, there is a lack of training spaces to collectively promote human rights and politics from an intercultural perspective. On one hand, this weakens the government and prevents the participation of a new generation of young Afro-Peruvian leaders in public spaces. On the other hand, it perpetuates racial stereotypes. Thus, both the problem and the lack of policies to reverse the situation remain invisible.

Action path

The project seeks to strengthen and enhance civic-citizen leadership, communication and participation capabilities for the empowerment of young Afro-Peruvians, under an intercultural perspective. Young leaders will be able to drive public debate about defense of their rights and hold discussion tables with political players to influence power relations in the fight against inequality and social exclusion.

Action plan

  • Development of an information campaign that reassesses and promotes the contribution of the Afro-descendant population to the development of the nation, increasing the visibility of Afro-descendants who had a leading role in civic-citizen and political participation, seeking to reduce racial prejudices and stereotypes.
  • Providing leadership and human rights training to young Afro-Peruvians, so they may favorably advocate in communication media, political parties and institutions of the State.
  • Creation of discussion tables between young Afro-Peruvians, political parties and institutions of the State, advocating for the Afro-Peruvian Youth Agenda and creating work commitments to achieve inclusive and intercultural public policies.
  • Encouragement of agreements with educational institutions to grant scholarships and study opportunities to young Afro-Peruvians, guaranteeing social justice.
  • Strengthening of civic and citizen capabilities for young Afro-Peruvians that allows them to understand the State and the mechanisms of participation, and with that information design a plan for local advocacy in their communities.
  • Work and discussion meetings with political parties, to identify young Afro-Peruvians as potential political candidates, seeking to achieve a more representative, participatory and transparent democracy.