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Who watches the watchers?


Project supported by the
Rapid Response Fund

Awareness campaign to protect the right to protest and denounce police persecution in digital spaces

Project duration
5 months
2 participating organizations
• Hiperderecho
• Fotografxs AutoConvocadxs


The project seeks to create a campaign directed at activists, to protect their right to protest in digital spaces.


Since November 2020, Peruvian citizenship has been protesting and facing police repression that has caused violence, death, disappearances. Activists and artists are documenting cases of police abuse to challenge impunity, but now they fear that they will be watched and persecuted by the same forces of order.

There is no information in the country on what police surveillance consists of or its consequences, and this leads to misinformation and panic among protesters because they fear being watched. It’s urgent to collect information on this matter and train citizens on how to protect themselves from surveillance and police repression, also in digital spaces.

Action plan

  • Provide activists and citizens with information about their rights online.
  • Design strategies for identifying police surveillance in digital spaces.
  • Train activists and citizens on digital safety, to protect their activism on social networks.
  • Make the importance of protecting human rights in digital spaces part of the public agenda.

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